Corporate Events

Corporate Events &
Team Building

Join teams and promote team building, collaboration and leisurely fun! There is no better way to grow the relationships of your teams than doing an Escapade around the city where you work together, complete some fun challenges and create lasting memories!

Inter-Department Team Building!

We had our teams mix departments and group up with other departments they don’t normally work with. It was so much fun and they got to know eachother throughout the Escapade and work with the other departments within our company!

School Event

We used this for our end of year school party and it was an absolute blast. The kids got to go to places they didn’t know existed and learn about some of Nashville’s history along the way. Oh and they of course loved the Tik Tok challenges.

Conference Event

We used this as our sponsored event for a conference in town and it worked great! We had multiple teams competing around the city and they loved it!